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Our Brew Pub Policy

We strive to make Yard Goat Artisan Ales Brew Pub a family-friendly environment. Only patrons 21 and older are allowed in the bar adjacent areas, however, seating in the family room is open to all ages. We like our small-town feel and cozy historic location but both seating and parking are limited to first come first served since we do not take reservations. We do encourage you to come to see us and allow time before or after your visit to explore historic downtown Huntingburg with its renovated 4th Street and adjacent Market Street park. Parking for the brewery is available both on 4th Street in front and in the lot behind. There are entrances to our brewpub at both locations as well. Enter at the rear of the building via the second story back entrance or at street level up front.

Respect Our Neighbors

We are lucky enough to have located our brewery within a thriving small-town community. We are adjacent to both other businesses and residential homes so we ask that as you are arriving or leaving, please be aware and respectful to those neighbors.

Intoxication and Behavior

Any staff member has the right to refuse alcohol service to patrons who appear intoxicated or who cannot produce a valid form of ID upon request. A state of intoxication is identified if “his or her speech, balance, co-ordination or behavior is noticeably affected and there are reasonable grounds for believing that this is the result of consumption of alcohol.” We don’t want to have to cut you off, call the cops or break up a fight, so please manage your consumption and acknowledge your behavior before it crosses that line. In this instance, you will be provided with water and asked to stop consuming alcohol.

We do not expect our staff to tolerate any disorderly, disruptive or offensive behavior in our brewery or pub premises at any time and any patron behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the premises immediately and it is our expectation that the patron does that without issue. Please do not drink and drive.

Bar Etiquette

If the bar is busy, please respect the other patrons and do not jostle other drinkers when waiting to make your way up to the bar. Once at the bar, politely make your presence known so our staff can get you served.

If you’re having more than one drink, throw a card behind the bar, we do accept tabs. You can always settle the tab in cash and all tabs must be settled when you end your night with us.

Personal Belongings

Your belongings are your responsibility. Please do not leave personal items for our staff to “watch”. Even if they are willing to help you out in this regard, our first responsibility is to the service of our patrons and we cannot be responsible for items a patron may have left unattended.

Our policy is to serve customers in a friendly, responsible and professional manner and to provide quality products and service. Our staff also works hard to ensure all of our patrons enjoy themselves and want to come back to visit us again. We simply ask you respect our staff and other patrons during your visit.

We appreciate your feedback on our beer and food. If you are new to craft beer, we encourage a tasting prior to purchasing a full beer. Tastings consist of just enough pour to get the flavor of the beer.

We do sell high ABV beer in smaller portions because: a) they are actually more expensive to make and b) we want everyone to get home safely

For our patrons and staff…

Be Respectful. Be Patient. Be Sincere. Yard Goat Artisan Ales looks forward to your visit with us.